About Mike Woodhouse


Qualified as an accountant in 1967 (FCMA), 1980 (FCCA) 2012 (CGMA)
Now retired from full time accountancy after 42 years work in industry and commerce in both the private and public sector.  Although retired I have recently been working as a part time as a tutor in finance in the University of East Anglia Business School, now qualified in this role (FHEA)

Non Aeromodelling Interests
Travel - Holidays to exotic places now being taken.
Photography - Pictures of model aeroplanes and travel.
Philately - Stamps from the aeromodelling correspondence and trips.
Folk Music - Listening plus a bit of involvement with promotion of artistes.
Reading - Mainly science fiction.
Cinema - It has to be escapist material.
Eating & Drinking - Fits in well with the rest of things.
Daughters - "Dad can you just?"
DIY & Gardening - I need something to fill the rest of my time.

Aeromodelling Support Activities SMAE/BMFA
Joined the SMAE in 1953 whilst at school and I have been a member, without a break, since that time.
I'm also a Member of SAM35, SAM1066, NFFS (USA) and AMA (USA).

Norwich Model Aero Club
1953-1980 Various duties including secretary, treasurer and chairman.

East Anglian Area BMFA
1962-to date Various duties, currently secretary/treasurer

Vikings Free Flight Group
1997-to date Secretary/Treasurer

Free Flight Technical Committee of the BMFA
Off and on since the mid 60's. Chairman for the last 20 years or so.

From November 2020 BMFA Competition Secretary.

Aeromodelling - Flying
I have built and flown models of all disciplines, without interruption, since 1950. In the late 50's I flew control line and was exposed to the free flight models of Arthur Wharrie. I then took up free flight and started contest flying. Initially I flew rubber, power and glider models, now only F1B seriously. I have had slight diversions into R/C glider and indoor but returned to free flight. I have qualified to represent Great Britain in 8 World and 6 European Championships and have flown proxy for New Zealand. I have also had reasonable success in both UK and International competitions over the years. Ive been UK team manager on 10 occassions 

Aeromodelling - Other
I have written technical articles and competition reports for a myriad of mgazines and other publications

The Family
Throughout all this activity my wife and family have helped and supported me. June has manned the phone, helped run events, as well as typing much of the material that arises from all of this activity.

The Future?
I will keep flying free flight whilst wind and limbs allow! Then who knows? I will also continue to help and support the organisation of aeromodelling in the UK. I have had a lifetime of pleasure from this past time and wish to continue to make a contribution for the future.