The purpose of this page is to brag about the nice things that have been said about the Free Flight Supplies operation. I have blatantly cut and pasted some of these comments below. So just watch what you tell me, you might find it on this page! 

"I suggest and recommend Mike Woodhouse. Mike accepts credit card orders, and ships very quickly. His customer service is superb."  Edward Jones owner and moderator of the Jet-Ex-Press List. - USA

"Wow! Didn't expect such a prompt reply, it's 2:15am, arrived home after the late shift, sent you a fax, had a shower, returned for my hot coco to find your answer! expeditious!"  Steve Cronin - New Zealand

"Thank you for your prompt reply to my request for how to do it information sheets. May I say how impressed I am with the amount of information you have collected that enables anyone to make an informed decision on what covering to use for any particular model."  Ivor Giles - UK

"I just got off the phone with my father. He told me that your delivery of tomy timers arrived on Friday. Everything is OK and he asked me to thank you for your prompt service."  Orlova, Vendula - Czech Republic

"I received all the items in the post. Thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent packaging with all items arriving in good condition. Carbon fibre is not the easiest material to handle and store without unraveling so thanks again. I will be keeping your name on my supplier's list. Many thanks from a satisfied customer."  Alan Dunne - Ireland

"Finally, some of the people on FFML have delivered my goodies from overseas with such rapidity that it really does not matter unless you have a bulky order and then it's the freight charges that spoil the fun. (Record is Mike Woodhouse- 4 days UK-OZ).  Danny Maslowice - Australia (extracted from his e-mail to FFML)

"Received the tissue and Mylar today. Five days from order to delivery, from U.K. to Michigan. You are definitely one of the good guys."  Perry van Wagenen - USA

"Hi Mike -man you're fast on the draw--!-got the timer & plan`s today---thank`s so much for being so prompt--the glider plan look`s real good--"  "Man you sure are a rare breed !-lt`s been year`s since l have know anyone as helpful as you--AND your only the second person who actually reads your mail and send`s one back the same day--you take care"  Don Near - Canada

"Thanks for your service; I don't know how you do it!"  Martin Powell - UK

"Billy - I don't live in the USA - however, would heartily recommend you give Mike Woodhouse (free flight supplies) - on FFML and on the internet - a shout. The only thing he cannot supply you with is warm / hot days with abundant thermals - however, the prices are excellent, delivery is fast from the UK and more so, he is straight along the line and fair with it. He is a free flight man who understands free flight modellers needs, has a lot of time for people and knows well what he sells. Whatever you order, I guarantee you will get very quickly and packed very safe, never had a item broken in transit yet. Give Mike a shout - you wont regret it."  Kevin Mosely - UK

"Many thanks for the order....I received it in record time. Excellent service all round. Once again, many thanks!"  Kirk Binns - Canada

"We are very impressed with your service and prompt delivery. Thanking you"  Dale Jones - Australia

"Received the order a few days ago. Once again, professional service that will get me into the F1A contests next year. Am currently covered in balsa dust, smiling."  Kirk Binns - Canada

"Thank you for the prompt service on my rather meager order for some Mylar covering material. It arrived in my mailbox only seven days after I placed the order by e-mail."  Walt Rozelle - USA

"My order arrived this morning.......thanks once again for your prompt service.....it is a pleasure to deal with you.....pity that the English currency is so bad over here Thank you and I will be in touch again soon".  William Jones - Australia

"Hi Mike! My plans order just arrived today and I can't recall any item ordered from "overseas" ever arriving this quickly! I really appreciate you including this very interesting brochure copy from the 1950 Wakefield Trophy Contest, too! These plans are actually beyond what I expected - I just discovered Arne Ellila's 1949 Winner and through your website learned of the availability of his 1950 Winner. Your service is superb and I look forward to doing future business! Thank you very much!"  Patrick M. Fitzgerald - USA

"A few days ago received some plans ordered from Mike Woodhouse only a few days earlier. Faster service than that within the USA. I don't know what his secret is, perhaps he has reincarnated the Concord."  Bill Henn - USA

"My thoughts exactly, my last order arrived within 4 days, faster than some local courier services."  Uttam Chandrashekhar - India

"Order received today - all present and correct. I find it hard to believe that it could get here so quickly. Thanks for the great service".  Rod McDonald - Australia

"Just to let you know that my order has arrived in Australia without damage. Thank you for the exceedingly prompt response".  Graham Maynard - Australia

"What a splendid fellow you are - my Viking ordered Tuesday and incredibly delivered on Friday. Oh what a wonderful World this would be if all businesses responded in this manner --more power to your elbow old lad".  David Tuntin - UK

"Package arrived today in good order. I can't believe the speed! I am still waiting for something I ordered from Germany 3 weeks ago. Many thanks"  Roly Huebsch - Azores

"This order just arrived today 13/09/2005 at my desk. Thanks for all, prompt service and good materials. Nice to have business with you in the future."  Marcel Lomba - Belgium

"Got my order today ! So you have VERY fast delivery. Thank you."  Antti Kontiainen - Finland

"Thank you for the fantastic service!"  Eli Gerber- Israel

"Material received today - excellent service - thank you  F. Zammit Haber - Malta

"I received my order of the two HLGs from you in immaculate shape......beautiful wood. Thanks very much!"  Bruce Bowden - Washington State USA

"Package just delivered. Thanks for the prompt service & the generous sizing."  Tom Jolley - UK

"Order arrived Saturday - very impressive delivery. Very nice materials, all my modeling buddies were jealous. Thanks for the excellent service."  Bruce Lewis -USA

"The plans came today !! Thanks for the speedy service !! Thanks again."  Jim Muther - USA  "PS For some reason things get here faster from England etc. than across the US."

"Many thanks for the fantastic service, my order has just arrived. I'm very impressed. Hope to be ordering more from you soon."  "Just a quick note to let you know my recent order has arrived safe and sound. Very many thanks for the incredible service - you continue to knock any competitor's for six!  Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. Happy Flying!!"  Howard Funnell - UK

"Order just turned up in super-quick time and exactly as required. For a one-man band, you could show some multinationals a few tricks! Keep it up and thanks a lot."  Alan Ball - UK

"My order arrived yesterday save and sound! Thank you very much for such a quick delivery!  Kind regards."  Willi Schmitz  - Germany

"Just delivered to my desk today.-even by your high standards of service, that was quick work!"   Chris Murphy - New Zealand

"Props arrived intact.  Very nice quality  job.  No way I could have made them in the kitchen!  Thanks."  Paul Lyons - UK

"Just been looking at the P.Supa and must say it is a cracker.  Many thanks."  Ken Atkinson - UK

"All I can say is f***k a duck, that's fast. All I can say is that it must have hit all the correct buttons. I have a job getting things to the next town that fast."  Lincoln Vincent - New Zealand

"Just a brief note in praise of your operation. The roll of OS film that I only ordered a few days ago has arrived already! I very much appreciate the speed with which you've handled all my orders.  Best wishes, hope you have a great 2012!"   Howard Funnell - UK

"The plans have arrived and it feels like a belated Christmas gift.  I wish to thank you for your friendly and prompt service . Something that is rare in this part of the world. Thank you once again.  Wishing you and yours the very best."   Clyde Carstens -South Africa

"Thanks for the lightening service arrived this AM"  Peter Garnett - UK

"My order arrived today in Australia. Great Service"  Graham Maynard - Australia

"I received my order Today (timer + Mylar). You must have posted on Monday so 5 days from you to Cape Town is fantastic. Thanks for the excellent service!"  Peter Lott - South Africa

"Parcel arrivede today in excellent condition. Your ptropeller book is very impressive!"  Gery de Groot - Australia

"I can't endorse FFS enough, where would we be without it? Thanks for the help with the order today and helping a novice with the order specifics."  Ralph Hebron - UK

"I was very impressed with your mini timer I bought a few weeks ago, so much so I would like to order another one."  Chris Brainwood - UK!--

"I got the items to-day. Very quick delivery I must say. Thanks!" Magnus Pfannenstill - Sweden

"Awesome book! (The Rubber Model Propellers) First impression the jigs for the front end wires and such are the best part for me." Ken Achee -USA

"Apologies for not acknowledging receipt several days ago but I've been laid up with a virus and not been near my PC.  Once again your service surpasses all expectations.  May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year.  Keep up the good work.  Regards."  Howard Funnell - UK

“I’ve done tests on the ASUKA tissue and found it the best I have ever used. A light mist water spray. When dry a coat of 50/50 dope/thinners. After one coat it looked good, after another coat and the outcome was perfect, I’m very pleased with it. Happy Christmas.” Peter Mortimer - UK

"The order arrived today. Thanks for sending it so promptly - great service as always! - Simon Richradson" - UK

"Got home yesterday to find the kit waiting on the doorstep. What a very nice job it is too. Just as described by Tom
on that Youtube video. Well done to Spencer. Thank you." John Wheddon - UK

 "I received my order today! Everything is fine and I was amazed how quickly it got here.Brilliant service as usual! Keep up the good work and happy flying. Cheers." Mike Sherman - Australia

"Arrived this morning. Thank you I really didn't expect it so quickly! Very much appreciated." - Jack Hawkins - UK
"Asuka tissue working very well so I would like to buy 10 sheets of red and 5 of white please." - Andrew Longhurst - UK
 "kit arrived yesterday, super job.  Will make a nice change from screaming glows." - Tony Goodger - UK
"Parcel arrived Mike, thanks for your care in packing and speed of delivery. Several of these purchases are new technology to me and I can see will help me a lot. Thanks for providing this excellent service for the FF community." - John Foster - UK
"Both parcels have arrived. Usual great service. Thank you." - Gary Law - UK
"Hi,Mike. Just to let you know that I received my box of rubber today. Brilliant service as usual! I am going to build your Wichita from April 1976 Aeromodeller. That’ll take you back a bit! Cheers". - Mike Sherman.
"Polyspan received today. Thanks for prompt response, most satisfactory!  Cheers," - Merv Harris - South Australia.
"I received the mylar film. It is what I need. Thank you! Another thing I like is a label on the package having at the same time a QR code and also the Queen effigy printed. For you may look ordinary, for me it is a  representation of a British image of tradition combined with modern technology." - Adrian Stanciu - Romania
"Today I received the envelope with the coatings.  Everything arrived perfect and very fast shipping.  On behalf of my Macul free flight club, I thank you.  We will continue buying". - Enrique Campos - Chile