Timers - D/T Fuse, Etc. FAQs

The purpose of this page is to try to answer those frequent questions that I receive. Hopefully it will save you time and ensure that I give consistent answers. If there are other questions that flow from these questions please ask.

Q1: The timer is running inconsistently and slowly.

AI: Regardless of how a long a flight you intend always wind the timer fully before setting the required flight time.

Q2: l have a question concerning the remote starting of a timer in a glider when it is released from the towline.

A2: The timer is sprung to the on position so it will always run down (some of the timers have an inbuilt spring others will require that you fit a start spring or rubber band). Hold the timer in the off position by a short soft line that is released by the towline. On the towline fix a 12'" length of thick/stiff line. This line should be loose fit when inserted into a short length of tube fixed to the side of the fuselage close to the tow hook. The line from the timer will have a small ring on the end, the release line is inserted into the ring then the tube. The pull is adjusted so that the timer is held off. When the two ring drops from the hook it will pull the timer start line out and voila! The same tube in the fuselage can be used to release the auto rudder with the same towline release, the pull in the opposite direction to the timer will help balance the load and make the release smoother.

See also Publications - "How-To-Do-It" No.2 for help in using timers.