This page contains links to other related free flight sites, both in the U.K and over seas. These are sites are in the main those that have a related interest to the Free Flight Supplies site. If you would like to link your site to the Free Flight Supplies page then please Contact Me with your details. Also, please feel free to link Free Flight Supplies to your site.

Using these links may help speed the answer to some of the questions that you wish to pose. Just click on the name of the page that interests you. Occasionally these links get broken when the host moves address, if this happens let me know.

Also out of curiosity (and for planning purposes!?) if you stumble across the Free Flight Supplies site via a link I would be interested to know the route that you took. I look forward to your advice.



The page of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA). Keep up to date with the actives of your national body through this link.

Free Flight Technical Committee (BMFA)

Details about free flight activities in the UK. Keep up to date with the UK free flight scene and have your say. A full results service for BMFA UK events is now included.

Peterborough Model Flying Club

The Peterborough club are a very active club and have now put together their own web site. Take a look.


This is the major US site for electric flight. There is plenty of useful crossover of technology between free flight and electric flight.

VanDijk Pultrusion Products

Maarten van Dijk is now producing a range a of pultruded carbon fibre products. Free Flight Supplies is now handling these products. This link will take you via the Free Flight Supplies Hi-Tech page to Maarten's site where all the technical details are available.


The premier mailing list for the FAI flyer.


The GizmoGeezer site contains full details and explanations of all the Geezer's products. This link will take you via the Free Flight Supplies selection of the Geezer's products to the GizmoGeezer site.

SAM 1066

A vintage flyers site. Keep in touch what is happening in all aspects of vintage flting in the uk.

SAM 35

The vintage flyers site. Keep in touch what is happening in all aspects of vintage flting in the uk.

Old Model Flying Magazines & Books

A good stock of early English language magazines and books from around the world, are always available. Stock changes all the the time, but an e-mailed list of wants will obtain a reply with the current availability - or otherwise - of anything dated between 1920's and today!


Tired and bored in the UK with this side of the pond? Then take a look at what is happening in the USA. The NFFS site opens the window to free flight in the USA.

Small Flying Arts

"Small Flying Arts". A web-zone for small flying models of all types". A very interesting site created by Bhagat Dhillon

Belair Kit Cutting

Leon Cole of Belair Kit Cutting is producing a range of laser cut kits. As well as the main range of R/C models a number of free flight models are featured using Free Flight Supplies plans. Follow the link above for further detials.


Below are links to clubs local to Norwich that may be of interest to those on my doorstep as well as those who are further afield:-

South Norfolk Model Flying Club


The BMFA Free Flight UK  Group currently the numbers are small so discussions are limited. What is needed is a critical mass of members to get things going so sign up get your mates to do so and then ask free flight questions.

Remember to advise any of the above links that you use where you found the contact.   Please advise if you find any broken links.