This page details Prima F1B and provides links to the Prima competition results. Each year we tried to hold competitions in the UK plus a Worldwide postal event. The UK event has now run for several years and on each occasion linked to the Stonehenge Cup. Igor Vivchar who is the brains behind the model has been present for some of the action.

The links below will take you to each years results (when uploaded):-

PRIMA 2001 The results for 2001 can now be seen

PRIMA 2002 The results for 2002 can now be seen

PRIMA 2003 The results for 2003 can now be seen

PRIMA 2004 The results for 2004 can now be seen

PRIMA 2005 The results for 2005 can now be seen


The kit is complete with all the parts that are needed (covering and glue excluded) to build this excellent introduction model for F1B class. This design is a simplified version of the model the Igor has flown with great effect for a number of years.

On receipt of an S.A.E. I will send copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase.

Complete kit all materials and instructions £120.00 plus post. Full size plan £5.00 plus post.

You can fly the basic Prima, either built from the kit or the ready to fly model. There are Primas that have been improved, with the addition of upgrade parts, these models are eligible. What we ask is that the model is still following the basic Prima concept. If in doubt please ask. Take a look at PRIMA FAQS for one man's ideas.

If you want further details of the events or the model please contact me. I have the kits and the parts in stock. Contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.