Jet-x & Rapier


Jetex igniter pen (Produced by John Emmett) for wick free starting, needs a “C” size high capacity Ni-cad cell. Now in gold anodised finish for the Millennium! At the same price £22.99

Jet-x & Rapier FAQS

Please be aware that there are currently production problems with Rapier products and that Jet-x has ceased production. Please check availability before placing any orders. At this time I am not able to advise if, or as to when a normal supply situation will resume.

See Plans for drawings by Ian Dowsett, Malcolm Sharpe, Peter Lloyd, and Dick Twomey
See Books for publications by RSI
See Kits for PEL-AERO kits

If you want to know more about Jetex /Jete-x take a look at a site in the US run by Model Jet Plane which gives up to date information on Jetex /Jet-x activities in the US and further airfield. A Mailing list is also available.

The production of Rapiers has currently ceased. The product has now been reclassified from a smoke generation device to that of a firework. This change in definition results in a considerable change in the management of both the production and distribution of the product. This change places considerable new constraints and controls on the product. Dr Zigimund is looking into ways and means of sorting the situation. Even if Dr. Zigimund is able to get the situation sorted it will be some considerable time before new product becomes available. Until such a resolution is achieved I will be removing the product from the Free Flight Supplies product list.

Keep in touch and watch the web site for updated information. Or sign up for the Free Flight supplies newsletter.

Performance details

Comparison of performance

Note that these thrust comparisons include the L4 at it's earlier specification. The L3 and L4 are for all intents and purposes now at the same performance level.

For interest see the attached certification issued in respect of the rapier.

If you want to know more visit the producers site for details see Rapier. Jan Zigmund lists ideas that will help you get the best from the Rapier engine.

A simple high performance model see PDF here for detailed drawing.

As an alternative to wick see Rapier Igniter for an alternative electrical system.

Jetex/Jet-x designs , kits and plans can be utilised with Rapiers see above on this page.

See the Product Review for further information.