Useful Information

The purpose of this page is to provide useful information that I have unearthed that may be of use to someone else. Well at least it saves me digging up the contact details. Where I have them I will add links to other sites.

It will also include other related issues.

If you can think of anything useful to add please Let Me Know.


When I needed a new model box I went to ABS Cases. They built me a custom made box that has more than repaid it's cost. See details Model Boxes quite a number of others have been there and had similar excellent experience.


A large number of use the Biotrack radio tracking systems. My own Biotrack system is approaching twenty years old. Biotrack were taken over by an American company a year or so back, a result of this take over was that the technology we needed was phased out. Biotrack have been very good to us and for a number of years they have been able to continue to support our equipment. However the technology has moved on and Biotrack no longer have the parts and the expertise has retired from their company. 

So where from here?  So if or when your Biotrack receiver dies take a look at  LL Electronics Website they are based in the USA.